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Export Documents

We issue foreign trade documents such as: European Community Certificate of Origin, ATA-Carnet and various special certificates. These include Full Confidence, Force Majeure certificates and recommendations for export oriented companies and staff.   

Export documents can be verified in both Lahti and Hämeenlinna offices.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9-11.30, 12.30-16

Tel. +358 40 455 5610


Lahti Office

Aleksanterinkatu 17 A,15110 Lahti

Hämeenlinna Office

Raatihuoneenkatu 17, 13100 Hämeenlinna

Expert Services

The experts of Häme Chamber of Commerce offer valuable and useful information, contacts and advice for members and clients. Our services are based on the skill and knowledge of our employees and on the expertise of our associates.


Legal and Tax Advise

In legal and tax matters our experts provide consultation on corporate law, taxation, employment and on corporate trade agreements. Members of Häme Chamber of Commerce are entitled to a complementary basic advice on taxes and laws. Legal counseling is provided by lawyers of EY. A contact request can be forwarded to the lawyers through the chamber by sending an email to .


Goods Inspection

Approved goods inspectors (HTT) are experts who have been approved by the goods inspector commission. Their role is to inspect goods, supplies and work performances. They usually have at least a decade of work experience from their field in demanding employment positions and the required theoretical knowledge. A goods inspector is a true professional of his field. More information at:


News Bulletin

A news bulletin is published and distributed to members; published printed Kauppakamari-magazine two times a year and the e-magazine is constantly updated.


Property Valuation

Authorized property valuators (AKA) possess the best know-how in their field. Their task is to impartially estimate the value of the property.


Models of International Trade Agreements 

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) publishes guides, agreement models and instructions regarding international trade and commerce in various languages. The complete list of publications can be browsed at However the international and Finnish versions of these publications can be ordered most conveniently from ICC Finland or through its service company ICC Palvelu Oy.  Publications are available in several languages at