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Häme Region in Brief


● Location: Southern Finland
● Population: 202 424 (2013)
● Language: Finnish about 96 %
● Main cities: Lahti, Heinola and Orimattila
● Main education hubs: LAMK University of Applied Sciences, Salpaus Vocational School, Lahti University Campus

● Main tourist attractions: Lahti Ski Jumping Hills, Sibelius Hall, Radio & TV Museum, Motorcycle Museum of Finland, Musical Fountain


● Nordic Fitness Expo (July, Lahti Fare Centre)

● various other fairs at Lahti Fair Centre, further info:

● Summer Up (Urban music festival held in July at Mukkula beach.)

● Lahti 2017 – FIS Nordic World Ski Championships


● Internationally renowned forerunner in industrial design
● One of Finland’s most important hubs for cleantech business and research
● Prime location near the Helsinki Metropolitan Area: 6 million people within 3 hour radius; fast connection to Helsinki Airport (~1 hour) and St. Petersburg (2,5 hours), logistically efficient location
● Cost efficient business premises, industrial sites and workforce
● Active business networks
● Committed, skilled workforce


● Mechatronics: 700 companies, over 7000 employees. Major companies include: Kemppi Oy, Raute Corp., Makron Oy, Oilon Oy, Peikko Group Corp
● Construction and furniture industry: 2900 companies, 17 000 employees. Major companies include: Isku Oy

● Wood processing industry: Versowood Oy and Koskisen Oy which are known globally.
● Food & Beverage industry: 3500 employees. Major companies include: Hartwall Oy, Viking Malt Oy, Fazer Mill and Bakery
● Welfare technologies and services: 2200 companies, 5000 employees. Major companies include: Merivaara Oy
● Textile and clothing industry. Major companies include: L-Fashion Group, Eurokangas Oy


● The city of Lahti represents the geographical and functional center of the region of Päijät-Häme. It is situated 100 km north of the Finnish capital Helsinki. Lahti can be reached from the center of Helsinki by train or from Helsinki-Vantaa airport by bus or train in one hour.
● The landscape in the region is dominated by green forests and unspoiled pure lakes enriched by undulating forms of the Salpausselkä ridge. The region of Päijät-Häme can be called the heart of Finland, as the life in the post ice age period started from the surroundings of Lake Päijänne in the rural area of Asikkala.
● Eleven municipalities belong to the region of Päijät-Häme: the cities of Lahti, Heinola and Orimattila, and the municipalities of Hollola, Sysmä, Asikkala, Hämeenkoski, Hartola, Nastola, Kärkölä and Padasjoki. In 2016 Nastola will merge with Lahti and Hämeenkoski with Hollola. Today the region of Päijät-Häme offers a balanced mixture of original Finnish traditions and a modern way of life.
● Surrounded by a charming scenery about 200,000 people live here, half of them in the regional center of Lahti. A fifth of the Päijät-Häme regions 6,295 km2 is covered by lakes. The third largest lake of Finland, Lake Päijänne, dominates the region with its natural beauty. Apart from its significance for the touristic development of Päijät-Häme, it is also an important drinking water reservoir for the whole Southern Finland.


● Flights: direct flights to European and Asian destinations from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (~1 hour from Lahti)
● Maritime: cargo lines to Vuosaari Harbour
● Train: direct train connection to Helsinki (1 hour), to St. Petersburg (2,5 hours) and to Moscow (around 12 hours). Helsinki-Vantaa Airport can also be reached by train via change of train in Tikkurila.

● Highways: to Helsinki (~1 hour by car) and to Tampere (1,5 hours)


● Häme Chamber of Commerce: CEO Jussi Eerikäinen
● Lahti Region Development LADEC Oy: CEO Jukka Rantanen



● Location: Southern Finland
● Population: 175 513 (2014)
● Main cities: Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki, Forssa
● Main education hubs: HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Vocational Schools of Tavastia and FAI
● Main tourist attractions: Castle of Häme, medieval churches, birthplace of composer Jean Sibelius


● Location in the middle of South Finland: accessibility and logistics
● Sustainable use of nature resources, bioeconomy (HAMK University, Natural Resource Institute Finland, University of Helsinki, Lammi)
● Steel construction (HAMK University, Tampere University of Technology)


● Metal industry: Major companies include: SSAB Europe Oy, Patria Land Systems Oy, Machine construction: Major companies include: Konecranes Oy, M-Components Oy, Finnkorkki Oy,
● Food industry: Major companies include: Atria Oy, HK Ruokatalo/LSO Foods, Hämeenlinnan Osuusmeijeri, Herkkumaa Oy
● Wood processing: Metsä Group, Rengon Saha
● Public administration: The Finnish Defence Forces, Regional State Administrative Agency/Southern Finland


● Häme is one of the nine historical regions in Finland. The province of Häme is centrally located near largest population and economic centers in Finland. The positive aspects of city life are combined with unique scenery and clean nature. The region values good housing, education, entrepreneurship and a versatile cultural life.
● Thanks to its location, Häme is easily accessible – you can get there from Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa airport in an hour by car, bus and train.
● The region consists of a network of small and medium-sized towns and communities and the services they offer. The oldest inland settlements in Finland are found in Häme. Lively events and dynamic citizen activity are an integral part of the culture in Häme. The region also has a long tradition of textile and glass design
● The countryside in Häme has remained strong and viable, and offers an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Finnish nature. The landscape is varied in topography, featuring a multitude of different types of forests, lakes, marshland and ridges.


● Flights: direct flights to European and Asian destinations from Helsinki-Vantaa airport (1 h by car, bus and from 2015 also by train via change in Tikkurila) and Tampere-Pirkkala airport
● Maritime: direct maritime lines from harbors of Helsinki and Turku
● Train: direct train connection to Helsinki (1 h by train) and Tampere (40 min).
● Highways: to Helsinki (1 h by car), Tampere (45 min), Turku (2 h) and Lahti (1 h)

● Regional Council of Häme: Vice Executive Director Matti Lipsanen
● Linnan Kehitys Oy: CEO Mervi Käki
● Forssa Region Development Centre: Head of development Hannu-Heikki Saarinen