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Häme Chamber of Commerce

Häme Chamber of Commerce plays a significant role in promoting interests of the commercial and industrial companies within the regions of Päijät-Häme and Kanta-Häme. The Chamber of Commerce's two offices are located in Lahti and Hämeenlinna.

The Chamber of Commerce acts as a forum for discussion as well as applying its expertise on industrial policy within its area of operation. We shape policies on developing favourable preconditions for company activities by taking initiatives, delivering opinions, arranging meetings and seminars and by launching joint projects.

An important prerequisite for the positive development of the Häme region is creating an atmosphere which favours industrial and commercial life as well as administration and joint activities that are more flexible than the ones presently conducted. Issues related to a working market economy and the regulation of company activities are continuously dealt with in the statements and information policies of the Chamber of Commerce.

Services of Häme Chamber of Commerce

  • Issue and certify the following export documents: ATA Camet customs document, European Community (EC) Certificate of Origin, commercial invoices, recommendations for export companies, force majeure certificates and numerous special certificates
  • Services for international and national business contacts
  • Up-to-date seminars for members, local authorities and business leaders
  • Training and lectures on current topics especially on taxation, administration and business law as well as foreign trade
  • Legal advice for members in co-operation with prearranged law office EY
  • News bulletin for members; published printed Kauppakamari-magazine two times a year and the e-magazine is constantly updated
  • A series of folders on taxation, VAT, labour and accounting and also a series of business books for experts published by Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Register of Approved Goods Surveyors
  • Medals of Merit for long term employees granted by Finland Chamber of Commerce