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11.05.2016 12:30 - 11.05.2016 16:00

Seminar: Netherlands - Your next business destination?

Technopolis, Kalevantie 2 B, 33100 Tampere

Why to do business with the Dutch? One can’t beat the location of the Netherlands: on the continent, close to Europe's 500 million consumers, not to mention European business customers. Netherlands has also first class infrastructure with world-class airport, top-ranked seaports and high-speed road, rail and broadband networks. It is easy to do business with English. Some 90% of Dutch speak English — the language of business worldwide — and many people are multilingual. Netherlands has also an attractive business climate.

The seminar is co-organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Finland Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Europe Network, Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.

Read more about the seminar and register here.

Luonut: Laura Karlén | Viimeksi muokattu: 07.03.2016 11:28