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12.05.2014 -

Succeeding in Business in the US

Europe Hall, Malminkatu 16, 00100 Helsinki

The Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Häme Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network together with the Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York are pleased to invite you to a seminar

Succeeding in Business in the US

Finnish companies have shown renewed interest in the U.S. market, as its economy continues to recover from the 2008 financial crisis. Businesses in fields such as entertainment and communications technology, life sciences, consumer products and construction technology have joined longstanding members of the Finland-based business community in the U.S.

Many companies have chosen New York as their point of entry, for its access to important customer bases in digital marketing and entertainment and financial services, and its active startup community.  In addition, New York has recently adopted special tax incentives for startup companies.

Topics include:

  • American Business Communications and Culture
  • Contracts, labor law, licenses and trademarks
  • Taxes & Accounting
  • Business Structure and Incorporation

The seminar is targeted to small and medium size Finnish companies who are interested in or in the process of entering the American market.

The event is free of charge. The main seminar language is English but questions can be asked in Finnish also.

Please register by Tuesday 6th of May 2014 at http://www.lyyti.in/businessintheus. Remember also to book in advance a 10 minutes one-to-one appointment with a speaker!

Programme and presenter profiles

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